By admin September 19, 2023 In news

CORNERSTONE and iPronics Collaborate to Offer Access to Programmable Photonic Tools

Strategic Collaboration Offers Access to World-Class Programmable Photonic Simulation Tools and Remote Access to a Fully Equipped Processing Device

CORNERSTONE, an open source, licence free Silicon Photonics rapid prototyping foundry based in the UK, and iPronics, the world’s first company to develop plug-and-play programmable photonic microchips based in Spain, join efforts to offer CORNERSTONE users access to world-class programmable photonic simulation tools and remote access to a fully equipped processing device.

This strategic collaboration will accelerate the development of new photonic integrated circuits. The programmable photonic tools will reduce the design and feasibility study time, bringing concepts to design and fabrication faster. This collaboration will significantly overcome the traditional barriers of cost, and risks associated to new Silicon photonic product development in a wide range of applications including communication, computing, and sensing among others.