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  • By admin May 11, 2023 In news

    iPRONICS Team Joins the “X Carrera de Empresas” in Valencia, Spain   Valencia, Spain (May 7th, 2023). iPRONICS team joins the edition of the X Carrera de Empresas in Valencia.   We would like to congratulate the iPronics team for participating in the X Carrera

  • By admin February 8, 2023 In news

    The promise of integrated photonics reaching broad market adoption now much closer to reality Valencia, Spain 08/02/2023 – iPronics, the first company to develop plug-and-play, programmable photonic microchips, today announces that it has successfully delivered initial shipments to several companies in distinct sectors. Operating at

  • By admin February 7, 2023 In news

    iPronics will exhibit at the OFC Conference & Exhibition. Visit us at Booth 2238 San Diego Convention Center, California, USA (7th-9th March 2023). iPronics will demonstrate its iPronics SmartLight Processor at the OFC Conference & Exhibition At the event, the iPronics SmartLight Processor will be

  • By admin December 1, 2022 In news

      DECEMBER 1, 2022 Daniel Perez-Lopez recognized in The Photonics100   The Photonics100 2023, by Electro-Optics, honors the innovative people that are the driving force behind the photonics revolution. Daniel Perez-Lopez, iPronics co-founder and CTO is amongst this group of people pushing the boundaries of

  • By admin November 10, 2022 In news

    iPronics Programmable Photonics has been granted by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (Institut Valencià de Competitivitat Empresarial, IVACE) in the framework of the Program “Creación de empresas de base tecnológica (CREATEC-CV)” to carry out the project DensePhotonics whose activities have been performed during 2021-2022.

  • By admin November 7, 2022 In news

    Tech Veteran Mark Halfman Joins Leading Programmable Photonics Startup iPRONICS, the pioneering programmable photonics company that has developed the first general-purpose photonic processor that is reconfigurable by software, today announced the appointment of Mark Halfman as CEO. With 20 years of experience in the commercialization

  • By admin October 13, 2022 In news

    The official start of the PROMETHEUS project was held on September 1st in Valencia, Spain. This is a top-notch consortium, composed by twelve academic and industrial partners, and it is coordinated by iPRONICS. PROgraMmable integrated photonic nEuromorphic and quanTum networks for High-speed imaging, communications and

  • By iPronics July 27, 2022 In news

    iPronics chips open the door to commercial applications that require faster computation, lower power, cost-effective solutions such as 5G, data centres, and real-time deep learning. Valencia, Spain – iPRONICS, the pioneering photonic computing company that has developed the first general-purpose photonic processor that is reconfigurable

  • By iPronics January 18, 2022 In news

    We are excited to announce that iPronics Programmable Photonics has been awarded the EIC Transition grant to be funded by the European Innovation Council (EIC) in its first ever call.Our 2-year project, INSPIRE, will receive a €2.5-million grant and will have access to EIC Business

  • By iPronics September 17, 2021 In news

    On September 10, 2021, Dr. Ana Gonzalez joined iPronics Programmable Photonics as Director of Strategic Partnerships. In this role, she will be responsible for all sales and service activities building strong relationships with our clients and strategic partners, closely working together to achieve long term

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