Lead Electronic IC Engineer

About us:

iPRONICS Programmable Photonics is making the computational power of photonics commercially affordable. Founded as a spinoff of Universitat Politècnica de València, iPRONICS has pioneered the field of programmable photonics and developed the first general-purpose photonic processor capable of programming high-speed light signals on-chip with unprecedented flexibility. Our solution enables the same hardware to be applied to limitless commercial applications with a voracious appetite for computational power, including 5G communication, data centers, artificial intelligence, computing and IoT.

If you are passionate about innovation, facing deep-tech challenges and contributing to the information processing of tomorrow … Join our team and help us invent the future of photonics!


About the job position:

As part of the Hardware Team, you will work with our team of photonic and electronic engineers to develop high-performance electronics for the control unit of our programmable photonic processors. In the role of lead electrical IC engineer, you will launch an electronics team and define its design tools and workflows. You will work to develop and optimize electronic subsystems to control and monitor optoelectronic instruments. With your ability and experience in low-noise mixed-signal electronic IC design, you will develop the control unit of the first programmable photonic processors.

Main Responsibilities:

  •  Responsible of the electrical control system development.
  •  High Density Integration (HDI) electronic circuit design.
  •  Coordination and design of high-speed electronic interfaces.
  •  Interacting with outsourcing tasks.


Desired Skills & Experience:

Minimum Requirements:

  •  3+ years’ experience as electrical engineer with demonstrated experience on IC and/or PCB design.
  •  Relevant experience in the field of analog and/or mixed signal.
  •  Master’s degree in Electronics, Electrical engineering or Micro-Electronics.


Core Competency Requirements:

  •  Good understanding of IC packaging technology & applications.
  •  Knowledge in IC design.
  •  Strong expertise in low-noise ADC/DAC data acquisition and analog control systems.
  •  Experience designing circuits for digitally controlling and acquiring data from sensitive low-noise analog devices.
  •  Familiarity with DSP techniques.
  •  Knowledge of common communication protocols (PCIe, Ethernet, USB, I2C, SPI, etc.).
  •  Experience with RF analog design and testing equipment (VNAs, ESAs, AWGs, etc.).
  •  Knowledge in chip packaging, assembly and test solutions is a plus.
  •  Fluency in English.
  •  Experience with Electronics CAD systems (OrCAD, Cadence, Eagle, etc.).
  •  Excellent verbal and written skills.
  •  Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  •  Familiarity with principles of optics/photonics and common relevant components (photodiodes, modulators, lasers, fiber components).
  •  Actively collaborate with photonics and analog design teams to design devices that meet electrical and optical requirements.


If you are interested, please forward your CV and presentation letter by email at joinus @ ipronics.com