Fast and Simple Photonic Function Generation:
Discover Our Plug-and-Play Device

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    Avoid long development cycles for silicon photonics chips

    Say goodbye to the lengthy year-long silicon photonics development cycle. With iPronics SmartLight technology, you can now emulate any photonic function in a matter of days, revolutionizing the speed of innovation in the industry.

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    User-friendly interface and automated functions

    Unleash the power of photonics without the need for advanced knowledge! Our user-friendly interface and automated functions make it a breeze to harness the capabilities of our device, eliminating the complexity and allowing anyone to tap into the world of photonics with ease.

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    Real-time monitoring of all the optical ports

    Experience real-time optimization at your fingertips! With all optical ports offering seamless monitoring, iPronics SmartLight introduces cutting-edge optimization algorithms, enabling you to fine-tune functions like never before. Maximize performance and unlock the full potential of your optical systems with ease and precision.

iPronics Smartlight Processor

  • Silicon Photonics chip (C-band), 72 tuning units in a hexagonal mesh configuration and 64 input/output ports.
  • User-friendly software with automatized functions, 1 year of free software updates included.
  • High performance building blocks included for 50, 100 and 200 GHz bandwidth filtering functions (programmable central wavelength and extinction ratio) and demultiplexing.
  • Laser 2nm range, central wavelength 1550 nm included.
  • Monitoring Unit with photodetectors at each optical output port.
  • Integrated Driving Unit with full operational control.

Experience a revolutionary change with our game-changing technology. The SMARTLIGHT Processor is reconfigurable by software, enabling you to boost your business while benefiting from significant cost and development time reductions. Don't miss out on this revolutionary technology!